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I spiked a fever this evening And my white count went from 13000 to 18000. Baby was tachycardic and not moving well. We had a C section tonight. I made it to almost 31 weeks.

He weighed 4 pounds even. The neonatologist said he would not have lasted the night. He was very stressed. He had a lot of acid in his blood. So glad we took him tonight. but he is doing wonderful now! He is breathing on his own with only a nasal cannula. His weight was good at four pounds even. He is keeping his oxygen levels up on a minimal amount of oxygen in his nasal cannula. He might have a pneumonia in his right middle love. Another X-ray in the morning and 7 days of antibiotics for him for sure.

We Might be able to bring Him home by Christmas the neonatologist said. His is my first csection and it freaked me out but was not as bad as I thought. I have already pumped and will hopefully be able to transition him to complete nursing when he goes home.

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4 pounds even

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