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Re: Waldorf Homeschoolers?

We are using Oak Meadow Kindergarten - my DS is six and I am leaning way more toward unschooling/child-led but married into a family of public school teachers (as in, 90% of DH's family members are all PS teachers or administrators) so we "do" a curriculum, or claim to. Anyway, we are very much a Waldorf family at heart, so "doing" school that way just made sense and felt right. It's actually really hard to assimilate with other homeschool families though, because they are all teaching their 4-year-olds how to read and I am specifically NOT teaching DS that yet. He will learn it on his own, when he is ready, and I will be there to help guide him. Right now we are just enjoying living, crafting, being creative, playing, and celebrating letters one by one. He is ready in so many ways to be doing higher level stuff, but I don't want to rush it - I'm not holding him back, I'm just not "going there" unless he asks about something. There's always time for school, so relax and let it happen as your LO wants it to - they're only young once.
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