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Not feeling ready enough

"13" weeks left until my buzzer goes off. And I feel like I cannot get ready fast enough. I am trying to take it as slow as I can but my anxiety is popping up because not everything is ready.

I came VERY close to rearranging my room today to put the crib in its place. I am going tomorrow to get 5 crib sheets off of CL (for $15!). I have an Amazon order on its way to me with 2 changing pad covers, a set of bed risers (to have the crib be the same height as our bed), a new aqua pail liner and some deodorizer disks for the diaper pail. I am trying to get DD to stop wearing diapers but I just don't see it happening. I don't want to have to wash her diapers and Squishy's but I might have to.

I still cannot find the 5 drawer plastic dresser I want to get for Squishy. That is causing me the most stress. I had one for DD that I liked so much and worked so well but DS took it when DD was done with it and broke some of the drawers. Now I can't find another one or even a suitable replacement. (Though I think I just found it at The Container Store!)

I hate not having everything ready and set up already. I tried so hard to delay getting things ready before I even hit 20 weeks. Once I passed that, I have gone slow to make sure I don't scare DH too much by having everything ready already.

My thinking as to why I am stressing about this and nesting before I should is because this has been a wanted baby for over 3 years, the fear that I will be in too much pain to set everything up, and the fact that I am having "regular" contractions. I want everything ready and I am fighting it being too early to do so and my need to have everything organized.

Anyone else in the "nesting" mode too?
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