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Re: (o) TTC While Breastfeeding (o) October.

Originally Posted by Sarawithouth View Post
Are you doing anything to try to lengthen the LP?

Not really. I heard B Vitamins were the things to take to help with that, but I think DD is nursing so much that my ovaries are literally going into hibernation! However, I did read, that it's very normal for nursing mom's to have short LP's when cycles begin to return. It can take around 3 normal cycles for them to normal out! I bought pre-conception tea that is really tasty (I'm a tea hoarder!) but I'm not sure it's gonna do much since bf'ing is the reason for my "infertility".

Originally Posted by Mercy24 View Post
Ugh I'm so sick of being crabby and teary-eyed, I just want to get my dang ppaf so things can at least regulate a little and I'll know it's even worth ttc. DS was finally starting to go a few hours without a boob in his mouth at night but I think he started cutting teeth again cause he's a cranky clingy mess lately and he's been up at least every hour crying for a boob.

I'm so right there with you! DD cut 4 teeth at the same time! I might have well cut my boobs off and taped them to her face! (That's a little intense!) I was even having some resentment because I was CONSTANTLY nursing her and I felt that I never ANY break to myself and I couldn't even walk out of the room without her!!! She didn't even want DH! She's calming down now, but still is pretty clingy.

Originally Posted by mhschool6 View Post
My little man is now 17 months, and still no AF. He is driving me crazy though. He nurses soooo much. I keep reminding myself he will eventually slow down, and also of how good it is for him But I am feeling some crampy stuff this month. Hoping my body is waking up!!!!!

I've had to remind myself lately why I'm doing this. I love the bonding with her, but sometimes I just wish I could have a break! This is gonna pass way too fast and I'll look back and wish I still have that little baby!!!

DD's new carseat was delivered today! She's still technically fits in her infant seat, but she is not liking to be in it. We bought a britax that has the no rethread harness...OMG..EASY!!!!!! I haven't installed it yet. I'll leave her in her infant seat for now!
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