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Re: Nursing when baby has a cold

Originally Posted by KelseyH View Post
Do you have a bulb syringe? We ran into this with DS (although it wasn't as bad as your LO sounds) and I would suction out his nose, flush it with aerosolized saline spray, then suction it out again. Repeat the last two if necessary. I'd also prop him up with my knee so he would be a little more upright while nursing. HTH!
I agree with this but also be careful in suctioning because baby's nose is sensitive. I also agree bulb syringe does "sucks" in sucking the liquid/mucous. I hate it too when my DD has colds because she is having so much difficulty in BF at this time,. before I also use the bulb syringe/saline solution but it won't work much when the cold is too much plus dr said that it should not be taken too much if only needed.
Humidier is great. Change in position might also help, when DD has cold I make her sleep/BF on top of me. An upright position when BF might also work. Hope this help!
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