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Kids' schedule when YOUR sick?

DD is suppose to be going to a b-day party todayfor a girl at school, but I am sick. Its only my throat, but since it came from dd (she is now fine) I could be contagious. I've been sick 2 days. I thought I would go just be really careful to not spread the wealth. But i woke up this morning with no voice. Normally I won't take the kids places where they can spread their illnesses, but thought since I am an adult I should be able to manage better keeping my germs to myself. Kids'ages are 5 and up and its at an athletic club so they will be active during the party - I already know they will be climbing a rock wall. Anyway, do you attend kids' activities when YOU might be contagious? I would rather not, but because of dd's allergies and the need to have her epi pen to be present (this is a class mates party so I won't leave it with her parent- thats just a little weird to me- "Hey, I don't really know you and you don't know anything about food allergies or and epi pen, but here you go. I'll see you later"). We rsvped a week ago and I am pretty sure they are paying for a specific number of kids whether everyone comes or not. And dd would not be happy- she is very excited about the gift she chose and this is her first ever classmate party.

I really don't want to get anybody sick, but I don't feel like we can not go. This is the first me being sick has played a role in anything like this.
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