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Re: Is more than 18% gratuity expected? Im confused...

Originally Posted by mommy2kaitlyn View Post
This probably isn't going to end pretty..the thread.

For me I tip a min of 20% unless horrible service. So normal to good gets 20% maybe a bit more, I round up. Excellent gets anything from 23% to 30% Depends on how excellent. One thing or whole time.

My idea of horrible service is very bad. I am a former server and am very forgiving and relaxed as a customer.

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This is us too. I also think ppl who tip 15"% or less for fair to good service have probably never worked as a server. And, personally speaking, waiting on a table with kids is much more work than adults (and kid meals are a lot cheaper, so if you have a table of four kids, that is more work for less money, generally speaking, servers do not love waiting on kids), and a lot of the time the adults will tip less... Or definitely not more. And most times the server is having to tip share with the bartender and host.
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