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Re: Scary info about Gardasil vaccine

I am honestly on the fence about this one for a number of personal reasons. However, a blog post like that is not one of them. There is no good research and a variety of illogical conclusions and statements made that do not impress me in terms of their validity.

The whole thing come across like this:

My Catholic Church has Mass at 7:30 On Sunday
Sunday is a day of the week
You have to be awake to go to Mass
All living people wake up on some day of the week
Therefore until scientists can disprove it All people are Catholic

Not true, terrible logic and basically the conclusions in that blog are drawn the same way -

one of the ingredients in the vaccine has been given to mice. a mouse whose mother received it while pg had problems with its overies. Therefore, unless proven otherwise it is obvious that the reason this girl had problems with her ovaries is because she received this vaccine herself. -- Not logical, proven or supportable.
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