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Re: Is more than 18% gratuity expected? Im confused...

I don't tip above 15% pretty much ever, and usually around 10%, and if the service is terrible, they get maybe a dollar or two or nothing. I think it utterly obscene that some places can pay servers third world sweatshop wages because customers will tip them, and only slightly less obscene that some places will include a tip in the price as if they can read my mind how happy I was with the service. Here the minimum wage for alcohol servers is only slightly below what the regular minimum wage is(which is over $10), so I feel no need to pad the server's pocket book any further. I deal with the public too, have with every single job I've had but one, and no one ever gives me extra money just because I do.

If an establishment added 18% to my bill and told me that was the tip, I'd complain, pay it, and explain that I'd not be coming back because of it. A tip should never be expected.
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