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Whiney 3 Year Old

So my 3 year old seemed to hit a wall at her third birthday a couple of weeks ago and the whining/crying has come on full force. I know its developmentally right on course and we've had a trying couple of weeks (I recently had some minor surgery and we have relatives visiting for the holidays) but it IS SO GRATING! I'm trying the ignore, send her to her room, etc... but we live in an apartment and my husband worries about the neighbors, and I feel like I can't take her anywhere. We had to calm a tantrum about not bringing baby and stroller into the grocery store with us today- before we could even get into the grocery store. I also made the mistake of bribing a couple of times just to get where I needed to go, and now she wants bribes all the time! Ugh. Now I'm whining.
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