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Re: Is there such a thing as a nice way to...

I would be super upset. I am usually of the "let it go if it's an occasional thing" but honestly I couldn't let that list go even if it WAS an occasional thing. Much less every weekend for two days.

I would just be straight up with them and tell them you do not want her eating any more junk food when she is there outside of a cookie for dessert or something. That is just ridiculous. I would pack a lunch personally, so you know at least PART of what she's eating during the day. If you think they are the type to throw out the lunch and lie about what she ate anyways, I'd personally find other childcare arrangements because what else are they going against your wishes for?

Those that think this is just how grandparents are...yikes, I feel bad for ya'll! Neither of my parents feeds my son that kind of stuff when he's with them. The worst thing my kiddo has eaten with my mom would be something like a handful of cheese puffs with a good lunch and cheap sugar filled apple juice which isn't going to hurt him just wouldn't be m personal preference, and we've never even bought cheese puffs lol.

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