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Traditional boy names?

We are 18 wks pregnant with number two, hope to find out the gender in two wks at the anatomy scan. When we were pregnant with DS, we had his name picked WAY before the anatomy scan. I mean we were like weeks along and we knew. We did pick a girl name just in case, and we still LOVE that name for this one.

But we are just totally blank on boy names.

All the threads here seem to have really...out there....names. We like traditional names, Matthew, Michael, etc. (Matthew is our DS's middle name so that is out, Michael is my brothers middle name and I have several family members with that name so it's out too).

I'm not opposed to names that are a LITTLE different, but DH nixed the ones I've suggested (Arie for example) because I was a fan of that season of the Bachelor and had never heard that name before. So he thinks I want to name our baby boy after the bachelor. sigh

We are also having a tough time because some names we like, we hate that shortened version. We both like Harrison, but we both HATE "Harry" and "Henry"

Help? Those with traditional boy names, what name did you pick? I just need some lists or something to read through for inspiration. the baby name websites have such a ridiculous amount of names, it's overwhelming to spend an hour and still be only half way through the "A" names.

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