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Re: Whiney 3 Year Old

I hear you!

We're dealing with whining here too.

What has helped:

-Not "understanding" the whining- I sympathize with her "You're sounding sad right now. When you're calm, let me know what you need again."

-Giving clear expectations (and choices when possible)- "We're going to be leaving in five minutes. Do you want to get your shoes on now or keep playing and let Mommy choose your shoes and socks?"

-Whispering rather than talking louder- I get to her level when she's whining or screaming and hug her and whisper in her ear.

-Let her be disappointed sometimes/don't always solve- Sometimes life is like that. I still sympathize and try to be understanding.

-Give time away/to calm down- "Wow! You're having a hard time calming down. Why don't you and your puppy (her favorite) read a few books in your bedroom? Do you want me to shut the door so your sister doesn't get in?"
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