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Re: Is more than 18% gratuity expected? Im confused...

Originally Posted by northknoxmomma View Post
This is us too. I also think ppl who tip 15"% or less for fair to good service have probably never worked as a server. And, personally speaking, waiting on a table with kids is much more work than adults (and kid meals are a lot cheaper, so if you have a table of four kids, that is more work for less money, generally speaking, servers do not love waiting on kids), and a lot of the time the adults will tip less... Or definitely not more. And most times the server is having to tip share with the bartender and host.
We always tip extra (up to 50%)when we have small kids with us knowing it will usually mean more work. We also take a couple of minutes picking up to decrease the amount of work left for the waitress. I tell our kids just because it is their job to do clean up is no reason to make their job harder to do.

Originally Posted by momtojande View Post
Same here. The difference between a stingy tip and a good tip is just a couple bucks. Say we spend $35, I could tip $5.25 at 15%, or $7 at 20% -- why not tip 20%? I'm already out $40.25, why not just be decent to her at make it $42? If someone's really gone above and beyond - talked us through some picky options, helped us clean up a spilled drink or something -- I'll throw a couple more on.

I even had a table once where they were acting apologetic and saying they were on a budget, and tipped really badly (around 5%). Really? Your budget is so tight you can't spare an extra dollar or 2 to make it a decent tip, but not too tight to take your family of 5 to a sit-down restaurant? Do you think the server is just there donating her time to wait on you?
If we do not have the money to tip well we do not have the money to eat out. Since our youngest was born this means we generally do not eat out at sit down restaurants.

When we do not have little ones we do generally tip the 10-15-20% scale but if the difference between 15-20% is small we may make it 20% just because.

We do not base tips on the food just the service. Unless as I mentioned earlier the waitress was obnoxious when it was brought to her attention the food was growing it's own little farm.

We have had to wait 2 hours to be seated then waited an hour or more to finally receive our dinner. The waiter forgot to turn in our order. He admitted this with profuse apologies. Then the kitchen lost our order. After that an oven went down in the kitchen slowing down orders. We eventually received our $300+ meals free(we were a party of 7) The waiter I am sure was not expecting much of a tip by this point. He still tried hard to make up for his initial mistake and that of the kitchen staff. I don't remember what we tipped exactly as this happened more than 10 years ago. I do remember giving at least $100 tip possibly $150. My husband and I discussed it and felt that his service was excellent (minus our forgotten order) despite his very likely feeling he wasn't going to get much of a tip so decided to tip generously.
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