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Re: Is more than 18% gratuity expected? Im confused...

I do not expect perfection at a restaurant. We are either really polite people to servers or we are just really lucky, and we eat lunch out at least once a week and dinner out probably every couple months give or take. We don't eat at fancy places, unless you consider Outback fancy LOL

I tip 20%, and round up so sometimes it's more like 21 or 22%. If they are polite to our toddler, who is pretty good but he's 2, and if they keep my drink full I am pretty happy. We don't blame servers for cooking issues, but we aren't picky enough that we really ever send back food or anythign like that. It always comes out hot and cooked properly. Sometimes DH's steak gets a little more done than he'd like but he's easy to please and I wouldn't fault the server for that anyway.

I don't like an empty drink. We don't ever get "rude" servers. If it's busy, we try to understand they might not be there to refill drinks the second we take the last sip.

If they smile at my kid and say hi to him when he says hi, I am a pretty happy customer. The last lunch out we had was at our regular lunch place (Logans Roadhouse). We've been to a couple locations, none were good except this one which is always excellent. Lately we've started ordering DS's lunch with our drink order and they get it out to him ASAP so he can eat real food instead of just rolls and crackers while we wait for our meals. If they take the order happily and bring his food out quickly, they get an extra tip for good service.

In regards to the cost of a tip. I, too, am in the camp that we don't go out if we can't afford to tip. And if we have $20 and want to eat lunch out, we go somewhere that doesn't do tips like McAlisters or Qdoba or the like. There was a woman on the news a couple weeks ago who ordered a pizza and didn't tip for delivery, so the delivery guy pee'd on her door. Unfortunately for him, there were cameras.

However, during the interview with the chick, she just said that times were tough "you know" and she couldn't afford to pay him for delivery/tip. Sorry but I laughed my butt off and I am sorry the man lost his job and may have been facing criminal charges, but I didn't feel even a little bad for her getting her door pee'd on. You don't order delivery pizza if you can't afford to tip - period. We never order delivery pizza (DH goes and picks it up) because we don't want to pay the delivery charge and tip.

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