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Re: The 25lb Challenge November thread

Originally Posted by MyPerfectLife View Post
Now, that makes me GREEN with jealousy. I wish a)My hub was more of a willing participant in a regular "date day" ... we get NOTHING for dates; b)He was even remotely interested in Christmas shopping ... I do ALL of it; c)There was a Costco around here; and d)My hub would watch the Twilight Saga. Sigh Sometimes I question my premarital judgement in marriage material.
I'm definitely a lucky girl, and need to remember that more often I think. Dh is usually the one begging me to find a sitter so we can have date night, and we always do xmas shopping together every single year. Plus Costco is like a toy store of us . And dh doesn't like Twilight as much as I do, but he did enjoy the movies so he's willing to go for me. I'm super excited for next weekend!!!

Why not just surprise your dh? Find a sitter, don't tell him any plans, just tell him to get ready because you have a sitter on the way and you guys are heading out. Maybe not drag him to Twilight though if it's not his thing as he'll never agree to go out again . I find that you forget how fun it is to do things alone together. In my relationship usually I'm the one dragging my feet about going out for a date, but once we're out at dinner and a movie I'm always happy that we went and wishing we did it more often.

Originally Posted by mms1972 View Post
That is great!!!! Awesome loss! Yoy too Kimmie!

I am bummed... scale said 172 this am . .yesterday it was 169.8 so I was finally believing maybe i was out of the 170s and I gained over 2 lbs in a day!! I did do crappy yesterday but not that bad! I really have to stop getting on the scale daily

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Don't worry about it, you can't gain 2 lbs of fat overnight so it's just some water weight. I know it's disheartening to see, but just use it as incentive to try harder today. Chug water like nobody's business and it'll drop right back off.
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