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Re: Is more than 18% gratuity expected? Im confused...

Originally Posted by misskira View Post
I live in a state where servers make at least minimum wage. I think it's crazy that we have to tip 20% on top of the meal. I realize servers work hard. Um. So do I at my job. So does dh at his job. I don't understand the idea that servers work so hard therefore we need to throw our money at them. Yes they work with the crazy public... So do lots of us in other jobs. I think the price should be the price and businesses should pay a fair wage. Same for haircuts.

I didn't realize it was expected to add more when gratuity was already calculated. I would have done the same as you.
To the bolded, I can agree with that. I also think people would be shocked at either how much things would cost and/or how poor service would be at some places given that restaurants in general, save for higher end places, are not known for paying well.
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