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Re: How do you Survive in Same town as Parents/In Laws?

We live within 7 miles of both sets of parents, which is awesome and sometimes frustrating all rolled into one.

My parents have an awesome sense of boundaries, my IL's...not so much sometimes. When we were first married they would stop by all of the time unannounced, have DH's siblings walk over to our house for a few hours after school until someone could pick them up, etc. My FIL even showed up without calling the first day I was home alone with a nb, I had a 4th degree tear, a broken tailbone (could hardly walk on my own) and mastitis with his mom so they could come in and hold the baby. I turned them away.

I found for us the most important was setting boundaries early as things happened, letting them know right away what was okay and what was not.

So cereal in the bottle? Not okay, if she doesn't want to respect your wishes, she won't be left in a situation where that could happen again, and I would tell her that.

Getting your DD to say inappropriate things? Let her know she will not be teaching your daughter to be disrespectful to her parents, or she won't be staying with your mom without you present again.

Not everything has to be made into WW3, but let her know what you expect of her when your children are with her, and if she doesn't follow through, then don't leave your children with her and let her know that is why. That you would love for them to have a relationship with her, but she is hurting hat relationship by causing problems and going against your wishes.
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