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Re: Scary info about Gardasil vaccine

we vaccinate, but still have no plans to give any children this vaccine.

and it's due to things like this blog post, indirectly.
being that it's not old enough and the research isn't out there yet.
it's too new and my child isn't going to be part of the guinea pig group.
and it continues to be highly controversial because it's just not researched well.

While I intend to teach my child about abstinence, etc - I find that to be a less good reason to not use this vaccine. My sister lost her virginity on her wedding night. Her husband most certainly did not. He's a wonderful man with a past that has been forgiven by God. Regardless of how my sister was raised, her husband COULD have brought HPV into their marriage. He didn't, but he could have. So, you can't logically protect your children simply through educating them. Their chosen spouse could have been raised very differently.

I just bring that up because I think it's forgotten often.

but I choose not to do this vaccine for any reason. It's simply not researched enough. Plus we're from Texas and when some governor tries to mandate something for you - you tend to fight back.
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