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Originally Posted by Riverleaf1772
It's most challenging when we need to go and she won't get dressed or whatever. If it is school/work I don't have a choice and she's getting kind of big to shove into clothes.

Thanks for the ideas!
I learned a really awesome trick for this very situation from the book Playful Parenting!

You get two toys (stuffies, dolls, whatever) and make them talk to each other.

The first one says in a mean voice "You can't get dressed all by yourself! You're too little!"

Then the other one says nicely "oh yes she can! I have seen her do it!"

The mean one says "I don't believe you!"

The other one says "it's true!"

And on and on. My daughters thought this was so funny and immediately proved to the mean stuffie that they could do it. I had the mean one pretend it didn't see them getting dressed and continue to say they can't do it until finally they were dressed. Then the nice stuffie says "see I told you!" and the mean stuffie says "well I bet you can't do it tomorrow!"

I really only had to do this for about a week but both my girls got such a kick out of it and dressing became so much fun and not a fight. This works for all kinds of other struggles too. Sometimes I find just lightening up the mood eliminates whining and fussing whereas nagging and speaking sternly makes it worse. At least it does for mine :-)
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