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Re: Prefold Suggestions

Originally Posted by snorris2 View Post
I went to look for GMD seconds and didn't see anymore.

I'll look up the smart fit.
The GMD seconds sales are by invitation only. You have to email them and ask to be put on the invite list. I ordered some orange edge (newborn) organic cotton prefolds for $19 per dozen and think they are great! I haven't gotten to use them yet since lil man isn't due for another 6 weeks, but they prepped up nice and soft and the size is much nicer than the infant prefolds (we used the cotton babies infant prefolds with our older son, and while they were nice and soft/absorbant, they were just too big for the newborn stage in my opinion. They made his bum twice as big as the rest of him ).

I have heard great things about the Imagine smart fit prefolds as well.

Hve you looked around at the different prefold packages out there? If they come with the covers you want, you could save some $$ that way, too.
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