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Re: What do I do with all our milk? I'm really confused.

I felt kind of silly reading all these praises. It's not a big deal for me to pump at all. I didn't realize how big of a deal it is for those on the other end of things.

I just got back from donating. The baby that got my milk really needs it. She's 7 months old and she's only 14lbs. (My 7 week old is 14lbs!) She's in the 3rd percentile. Her mom has PCOS. She's tried everything she can to get her supply up. She's taking the maximum dose of Domperidone, drinking Mother's Milk tea, etc. She still isn't making enough. Her daughter has tried a bunch of different kinds of formula and had bad reactions to everything. Her doctor is super concerned because she keeps dropping percentiles. Her mom said she's up every hour all night long. They've gotten other donor milk but were running low and were having to ration out what was left. The baby wasn't really taking solids well. She just wants milk. Mom said she cries all the time because she just can't make the milk her daughter needs. Dad was there too. One or both of them is/are an EMT. They were so friendly and incredibly grateful.

I could not possibly feel better about myself right now. I'm on top of the world. I'm going to keep supplying them with as much as they need. I'm still going to register as a donor with the milk bank that supplies our hospital. The family that took my milk today doesn't need as much as I pump.

Thank you everyone for your praises. I get it now. I really get it now. If anyone is reading this and thinking about donating, PLEASE DO IT. It's an amazing gift.
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