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Re: August 2013!!

Originally Posted by mvp529 View Post
Oh and my baby is just 2 months older than yours! She was born aug 11.

Do you have others close in age like these will be? I'm guessing yes since you have eight?

My first two are 6 years apart so I am nervous for this age spread!

Regarding my October period....I think it was a period but it was spotting the whole time. Just used a panty liner throughout. Tmi sorry. It did last 8 days though. Maybe I am only 3 or 4 weeks and my hcg is just doubling fast. With my ds I tested after my missed period and got the faintest of lines but I know it's probably different every time.

I need to quit obsessing! Hopefully I'll have a dating ultrasound within the next week or two.
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