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Ugh Sarah I haven't had that issue with any of our many lot of peeps, they getting enough protein? Just a thought, I've never used the blinders so I'm no help there

It was kind of a bribe for my mom LOL!!! Hey I'll give u two daily layers if u take my mean roo! Now the boys can go in our pen again.

I'm looking at a few different ones, my DH wants sultans or something with a feathered head! Not me though, I'd love to try some welsummer, lavender orpingtons( but after all of our health issues w our buffs I'm nervous) marans would be great but I've read they're very flighty, same w a leghorn was thinking of those also, I'd be really happy with our tried and true.....a ton of americaunas as well as speckled Sussex, u just can't beat them for friendliness and personality! The catalog didnt have any olive eggers either. Those are the only ones I can remember currently. I also thought of trying the specials they have, like mystery chicks and the colored egg special. I'm gonna def pay more this x for hens only, so sick of dealing w Roos!!!

And no offense but currently I have no desire to hatch any eggs! Maybe in a few years-how do u gals get the x. I wonder if u could let a broody hen sit? That's what I do w my peeps, works great and a lot less work! LOL

Oh and Sarah can u please post step by step how u do your hard boiled eggs w fresh eggs? I can never peel them!

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