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Re: What do I do with all our milk? I'm really confused.

That really is awesome mama. Pumping exclusively was super easy for me, I could bottle and pump at the same time and I was a milk factory. Having an oversupply this time was a big relief since I could barely produce enough to give DS1 half his nutrition as BM (had to pump for him for 8 months). When I finally got DS2 to the breast I was going to wean from the pump gradually but he has been nursing like a newbie! Plus I really need to reduce my supply so I can stop gagging and choking him while he eats but mentally its really hard. I figure since I can't donate I realy don't NEED to pump anyways since I have 1300oz frozen. To an EPer that's about 1 to 1.5 months so it should be a good insurance policy. But I feel so guilty for not being able to donate, my friend needed milk a few weeks bad and it killed me to not be able to help her.

Being able to comfortably pump somuch while nursing is amazing mama, and you've given an amazing gift!

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