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Re: November Chicken Chat Thread~~~Join in!~~~

Originally Posted by Happy Mommax4 View Post
Ugh Sarah I haven't had that issue with any of our many lot of peeps, they getting enough protein? Just a thought, I've never used the blinders so I'm no help there
Found some game bird size and ordered 5 tonight. I know they are getting enough protein. They get such a huge variety of food. I also give a little cat food for fun for them with it being cold. Extra protein helps with heat production. This is my first issue with it. It seems to be a cpl of them. I sat and watched this afternoon and there are around 3 that have all their feathers. These are the worst persionality chickens I have ever seen.
It was kind of a bribe for my mom LOL!!! Hey I'll give u two daily layers if u take my mean roo! Now the boys can go in our pen again.
haha, tried that with fil and it didn't work.
I'm looking at a few different ones, my DH wants sultans or something with a feathered head! Not me though, I'd love to try some welsummer, lavender orpingtons( but after all of our health issues w our buffs I'm nervous) marans would be great but I've read they're very flighty, same w a leghorn was thinking of those also, I'd be really happy with our tried and true.....a ton of americaunas as well as speckled Sussex, u just can't beat them for friendliness and personality! The catalog didnt have any olive eggers either. Those are the only ones I can remember currently. I also thought of trying the specials they have, like mystery chicks and the colored egg special. I'm gonna def pay more this x for hens only, so sick of dealing w Roos!!!
Great choices. I'd love a top hat or two, but not sure how they would fit in. Need to do more research.
And no offense but currently I have no desire to hatch any eggs! Maybe in a few years-how do u gals get the x. I wonder if u could let a broody hen sit? That's what I do w my peeps, works great and a lot less work! LOL
That's why I'm doin so may meaters this time of year. The ones I'll keep will be ready to lay by spring and the others ready to eat, a cpl to sell. The bator is no time at all. I have the huge totes and raise the feeder and water with age so no biggie. I try to keep the # per brooder down so they don't get icky. I clean them well on clean out day though. Toss them in the driveway and spreay them out with the hose. Done. really not much work. We do more holding of the ones we plan to keep. I don't plan to get to attatched to the meat chicks. I do love them all though.
Oh and Sarah can u please post step by step how u do your hard boiled eggs w fresh eggs? I can never peel them!
You need something acidic in the water, vinegar or lemon juice. Just a splash-prevents the egg from leaking through the hole. Bring to boil and pop a thumbtac hole in the end of the fat side of the egg, where the air cell is. Boil as usual, rinse, toss in a bowl of ice water. The shell comes off almost in one piece. The boys help now it's so darn easy!
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