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Re: Hw much are you spending on your kids for Christmas? More or less than last year?

Originally Posted by Done at 3 View Post
I spend $300 ish each, yikes. Maybe that's why I stress so much about gifts! I'm spending way too much! I pretty much don't buy them much other than birthday and Christmas though. If they see things they like they add them to their wish lists and get them at occasions.
That is exactly what I do--add it to the list and ONLY give gifts on birthday and Christmas. We give each child 1-2 gifts for birthdays and 3 (like Jesus got) for Christmas. Usually spend $50 for birthday and $100 for Christmas for each child. Our spending limits we have are by choice, not necessity.

We don't gift to anyone except our kids, our parents, and DH and I. Same thing--by choice, not necessity.

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