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Brand new mama cloth ,cheap! ADDED MORE

I have tried so many patterns trying to find what works best for me so since I have found happiness these need a new home. These were all made by me and all are new and never used,a few of the flannel ones have a little wonkiness on the bottom edge (see pic). Of course it dosen't affect function just wanted to point it out.I am not a wahm these were for me but since I won't use them I wanted to give other mamas a great deal on mama cloth.,please feel free to pm any questions.
These are brand new and never washed or prepped, these have a corduroy or flannel top layer and 5 layers of flannel for absorbancy and have a fleece bottom.Asking $14 for each lot of 4 and $20 for each lot of 6 ppd[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] Measurements: wing tip to wing tip -7 inches, length- 9 1/2 inches, width- 3 inches.


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