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Re: Spoiled kids of the 80s?

Originally Posted by jam's mum View Post
And on another tangential note: Someone said my daughter looked like a cabbage patch doll. I had never seen one before and assumed it was a compliment. Then I googled them when I read this thread and now I am steaming with fury.
They probably meant it as a compliment. At least you should take it that way...and if they didn't mean it as a compliment, well...they're just kind of a jerk. Like the time that a woman looked at one of my DDs in Walmart who was "failure to thrive" (HATE that phrase!!) at the time and had a lot of other issues going on...she looked at her and said "Hmm...Kind of a thin skinned child, isn't she?" all snoody like. Now I get why she said it--you could see a lot of the veins in DD's head, but it was SOO not nice. I could have slapped her. (But I didn't! )
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