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How many did or did Not get rashes or burn from Nellie's or Eco Sprout detergent?

Harder to find info on this.

Rocking Green was very very bad for us. Major burn and peeling that is taking long to heal.

So trying to find alternative.

Actually think I am going to try The Laundry Tarts. So if any of you have experience bum burn with this as well - let me know.

But these are two others I am considering. I actually have some Nellie's here that I found hiding upstairs, did not know I had it, so let me know. Is it worth it, did you get any terrible rashes or worse burns. Or let me know how many of you it worked for when you got rashes from others. And what those others were.

Also the same goes for Eco Sprout? Same questions here as above.

Each one of these does seem to carry a bit of different ingredients, so what is harsh and what is not, even if it claims for sensitive skin?
Experience is everything.

Also mention if you have Hard Water. Please and greatly thankful
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