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Originally Posted by ohgirlohboyohno
I just don't quite understand how these little buggers work. I know you pee on them, and a line or 2 shows up...if the test line is darker than the control line you are ovulating...RIGHT NOW but like when the line is lighter...what does that mean? are about to ovulate, you just ovulated, nothing in particular?

Actually when the line is as dark or darker than the control then your body is gearing up to O, so O will probably take place sometime in the 12-48 hrs after you get your first positive. But that doesn't actually confirm O, it only means that you had the LH surge you have when you're body is getting ready. You can really only confirm O by temping.

As for the light lines...your body always has some level of LH in your system so you will probably always have some shade of line visible. But the surge is what you're testing for. HTH

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