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Re: How do you Survive in Same town as Parents/In Laws?

You have to be able to put your foot down. You don't have space as a boundary, so you have to create boundaries of courtesy. Your family has to realize that certain things are unacceptable to you and you aren't going to tolerate them. My inlaws used to have this VERY BAD habit of not only dropping in unannounced, but just letting themselves in. One member nearly got an eyeful as I was getting ready to have a bath and another time they walked into the house while DD1 was sleeping and DH and I were *ahem* enjoying some private time. We had a talk with them and it never happened again. THey still drop by unannounced, but they knock and wait for us to either call out to let themselves in or come to the door.

When we first started living together my mother drunk dialed me and lambasted me up one side and down the other for dropping out of school due to medical reasons. When I got the message (I wasn't home when she did it) I called her the next day, told her that was unacceptable and she was not welcome into my home and not to contact me again until she was ready to apologize. It actually took her a while, but she did apologise after a few months, and then again when she finally saw me in the throes of a migraine and saw how bad they were.
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