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Help me please

Hi, I just found out about ec about 1 week ago. Even before I knew about it I sometimes felt like I wanted to put my baby on the potty. Especially when I knew she was going to go number 2. Well I have put her on the potty about 8 times and she has used it 5 of the 8 that I sat her on there. Should I put her in fitteds so I know when she goes? How do you just let a baby be diaper less!? Please tell me your routine and how you know when your baby will pee. I think I already have poo down to a science. Nothing she does in general, but I just "know." I wish it were that easy to know when she needed to tinkle. Btw baby is 9 months. In cloth. Mostly Prefolds and covers. Thanks so much for any help.
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