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I'm another 22 year old here! I grew up an only child - single mother till my parents were married when I was 14. I definitely wasn't spoiled as my mother was a drunk and couldn't stay on her feet longer then a year at a time with her 100 different boyfriends. I got my way often, but I didn't get/do things. My dad was in and out of prison until they were married. Both were born late 60's. They weren't spoiled but were the so called "carless" high schoolers of the 80's.

I've always thought of my generation (early 90's) as two distinct groups. Those that just want to party hard and get everything handed to them without working group and the normal-minded work for what you get group. Most everyone my age I don't get along with or relate to at all. Me and dh both grew up very much alike (met in HS because we shared the same trailer park) and are working our way up right now.

We started at the bottom of the totem pole so it hasn't been easy at all, but we're making it. (I'm about to finish my AA and dh works oil hazmat in ND) I think the hardest thing has just been having no foundation to start on knowledge wise - meaning how the "real world" works such as credit, money, etc. DH had to teach me because my parents never did. Sensing my hard feelings much? LOL Spoiled kids (my generation) drive me insane.

ETA: Still fortunate in a way though because our parents are everything we don't want to be. As sad as that sounds. :/
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