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Re: How many did or did Not get rashes or burn from Nellie's or Eco Sprout detergent?

I have very hard water. I've used Nellie's on cltohing and diapers with no skin issues. My son doesn't appear to have sensitive skin, but I have terrible excema (have had my whole life). The Nellie's doesn't worsen my excema (doesn't improve it either, but doesn't worsen it.). I have also used Tide F & G with no ill effects and it seems to get the diapers softer. I have tried Rocking Green Hard Rock to prep diapers and on laundry before my son was born and didn't find it worked well to clean at all. Have since heard tons of stories about little one's with bum rash, so now I'm scared to use the rest of the envelope.

Note: If you go with Nellie's, you can buy huge tubs of it at Costco for $99 that last 5 years (4,000 loads worth). They drop ship it to your doorstep and it's way cheaper than ordering it online. Well worth the hassle of getting together with a friend and splitting it!
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