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Christmas $$ issue

Sort of a #firstworldproblem

We set aside a specific amount of money per child for Christmas gifts out of our taxes, $200.

We are sorta strict about # of gifts, they get Something you Want, Something you Need, Something to Play and Something to Read and then a larger gift from Santa.

The 'problem' is that I was able to get almost everything for DS2 for $17 total (so far, got to get his 'need' which will be clothes but I don't anticipate it costing $180 for a single outfit and pjs and a book) And I've been able to get most of DD's gift for way less. I used Swagbucks and found great deals on deal a day sites and flash coupons. I need her 'Need' and her 'play' 'read'...and I don't anticipate that costing the $150 I have left.

I haven't spent a dime on Ds1 yet..he wants a Nintendo 3DS and I couldn't figure out how to get him a game AND a DS and other gifts with just $200...but now I'm looking to have at least $150 left from DS2 and probably $100 left from DD. So I could 'borrow' from their $ and get DS1 a 3ds and a game (it would be his ONLY gift...he'd get some clothes and a book is all)

Anyway, is that fair to take their money? I wouldn't buy them any additional gifts because of out theme so I may as well use some of it on DS1 right? Get the 1 thing he REALLY wants?

I got DD & DS2 gifts they REALLY want I was just super lucky to get them for next to nothing (So far I've bought gifts at a retail value of $190 and actually spent $65 out of pocket)
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