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RUN. AWAY. FAST. That OB sounds certifiable!

There is absolutely NO reason that you should be unable to refuse the quad screen. Like a pp said, I think he just wants the money. In speaking with my OB about refusing tests, he said the only one that I can refuse that actually affects him is the Chlamydia/Gonorrhea because his malpractice insurance views a lack of that test as a "risk". Everything else is optional.

As far as induction at 38 weeks for no medical reason - for his convenience more than anything... That is just insanity.

I would just "accidentally" have your baby at home.

Originally Posted by mayliz
An office staff that expects 'something' to come up in your exams, to me, is kind of working backwards. It's not like you're going in to see them because you're sick. You are pregnant, not sick.
This is what I thought as soon as I read your original post. They're treating you like you are ill! Ugh.

Originally Posted by Kiliki
yikes. times infinity. plus one.

What a crappy OB. Srsly.

I am a natural birther myself.

But I "get" the mainstream side of things. I have family in the medical field and I "get" it. I just don't choose it for myself b/c I really love natural births.

This guy doesn't sound like a typical "by the book" OB to me. He sounds like a crazed, militant, "my way or no way" kind of doctor. He is NOT someone you want in your corner. You don't even want him near your hospital room. Find another doctor, ASAP!

The things that concerned me the MOST from your post are: not allowing you to refuse the quad screen (why is this? That makes no sense to me AT ALL... does he just want the payout from insurance?!), scheduling your induction for 38 wks (IIRC, even the AAP doesn't recommend unnecessary inductions before 39 wks!), and the fact that he basically told you he's just gonna do whatever he wants when it comes to some of the decisions b/c "he just does them without having to explain".... Those are HUGE red flags. Like BLARING, sirens going off in my head, flashing lights saying "RUN! RUN AWAY!"

He has no respect for the fact that it is YOUR body, YOUR baby, YOUR birth, and YOUR choice. PERIOD.

Doctors (and medical professionals) are there to give you a professional opinion, to help you make educated health choices, and to keep you aware of dangers you might face or have, and to keep a cool, calm head in emergencies.... and to do all of that gracefully, tactfully, and all the while RESPECTING THEIR PATIENTS. They are NOT there to bulldoze over you, shove you around, guilt you into tests, dragging you by your nose through the medical system.

Please, please, please find another OB. One who will respect your wishes and your body. This one certainly does not.

Originally Posted by Kiliki
Anyway, don't think a birth plan, no matter how detailed or well written will save you from a doctor with a serious God Complex.
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