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Re: Should i go to the drs?

Originally Posted by MyM&W View Post
Ugh now that I've been up for awhile its starting to hurt again..
Yup. Mine typically starts around an hour, maybe two after I get up. The fact that it goes away with rest (when your body relaxes) really tells me that it's ligaments. Mine hurt worse with movement. It almost feels like I have a constant pulled muscle. The worse the ligament pain is, the worse the cramping is. It's definitely benign (I've had cervical checks to make sure), but if you want to feel at ease about it, call and talk to your doctor again, see if you can be seen. I would say it's definitely not worth an emergency room visit. The fact that it has hurt for as long as it has, and nothing has happened, tells me that it's most likely just stretching and growth. You're about to go through another growth spurt (my pain was worst between 10 and 13 weeks).
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