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Re: L and XL interlock covers, shorties, and longies; wcw, wb, rw, etc


XL Owe Whoa When Recycled shorties. No issues.

Measurements unstretched are: w=20", h=24", i=5.5" r=22".

Asking $20 ppd.

I have 3 large interlock Woollybottoms covers in latte and maize, nickle and sky, and latte and mocha. Latte and maize has a small hole that I have sewn from taking the tag out of the wool, it does not effect function. Nickle and sky has some faint staining on the inside that I couldn't get to show in pictures. Latte and mocha has no issues. Asking $35 ppd for latte and mocha, $33 ppd for latte and maize, and $30 ppd for nickle and sky.

Waist: 15-23
Rise: 20
Thigh: 9-14
Weight: 25-35+ lbs

More info can be found here:

Large Olive Bumby "inbetween wool" longies. "Inbetween wool" is as thick as fuzzy but shiny like silky. Very stretchy and soft. These are wavy and a little pilly.

Measurements unstretched are: w=18", h=23", i=12.5" r=19".

Asking $40 ppd.

L Mulberry Wild Coconut Wear-some fading.

Measurements unstretched; w=18", h=25", r=20", i=5".

Asking $40 ppd.

L Tan Wild Child Woolies-no issues, these are more a tweed feel and thinner.

Measurements unstretched; w=18", h=25", r=21", i=2.75".

Asking $35 ppd.

New XL Rockin Rumps interlock shorties. Never worn.

Measurements unstretched are: w=19", h=26", i=4" r=22".

Asking $35 ppd.

L Blue Royal Buns-no issues.

Measurements unstretched; w=16.5", h=25.5", r=21", i=4.5".

Asking $30 ppd.

XL Rainbow Waters cargo pocket shorties in Asparagus. A little pilly.

Measurements unstretched are: w=18", h=27", i=6" r=22".

Asking $50 ppd.

Large Olive Bumby playwool longies. Playwool is a type of wool that Bumby used to carry made from 97/3 wool/lycra. Its very stretchy but not as soft as 95/5. Great for toddlers as it takes a beating

These have 2 wrap around pockets. No issues.

Measurements unstretched are: w=17", h=24", i=12.5" r=21.5".

Asking $65 ppd.

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