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Re: Gallbladder Flush? Anyone try this?

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
I think that personally I would go in first and get an actual diagnosis. Just going to the doc for an u/s to diagnose does not mean you'll be prepped for surgery right then and there. While your symptoms do sound like gallstones, there are other possibilities and I think I would want to make sure that I was at least trying to treat what I had.

I understand that you don't have insurance, but I would assume that as a result, you must maintain some sort of medican fund? An appointment and u/s shouldn't be outrageous to pay out of pocket.
I dont see how this would hurt to try for now.

If it relieves my issues, awesome! If not, then maybe I will consider seeing a Dr. about this. Hopefully i can get on an ins. plan by then!
Office visits alone are over 300$ that doesnt include the US and blood work they would want to do. I just cant (dont want to) afford that right now. Unless I was having sever life threatning issues, i DONT want to see a Dr. Not at all. Especially right before Christmas.
I just dont see how this can hurt to try. I was wondering if anyone else had tried it too.

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