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should I forward face him?

DS is 99% for height and weight. Right now at just under 20 months he is 37 pounds. I haven't measured his height in a while but he is just a solid boy all around. DH has a Jetta with a Graco MyRide 65 and I have a Subaru Imprezza with a Britax Boulevard. The carseat goes behind whatever seat I sit in (drivers side in my car and passenger side in DH's car) because DH is super tall and needs his seat all of the way back to fit.

The problem I have right now is that DS keeps getting bigger and I am having a lot of trouble getting him in and out of his seat. He's bumped his head a number of times on the door frame or his foot will catch on the side of the seat as I plop him in. And that's when he's not fighting me. If he doesn't want to get in, it is a HUGE battle and he hit his head hard one day because he was fighting me and there wasn't enough room to get him through the door and into the seat. It is worse with the Britax, which sits a bit higher.

Am I awful for wanting to forward face him? I am very pro-ERFing, but I hate hearing DS say "ow" almost daily when he bumps his head, and fighting with him to get in his seat (about every 4th ride) is exhausting and usually ends up with tears on both of our parts. Plus if I did forward face him, he could move to the middle seat.

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