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Re: Gallbladder Flush? Anyone try this?

Originally Posted by lil'mommakaye View Post
I dont see how this would hurt to try for now.

If it relieves my issues, awesome! If not, then maybe I will consider seeing a Dr. about this. Hopefully i can get on an ins. plan by then!
Office visits alone are over 300$ that doesnt include the US and blood work they would want to do. I just cant (dont want to) afford that right now. Unless I was having sever life threatning issues, i DONT want to see a Dr. Not at all. Especially right before Christmas.
I just dont see how this can hurt to try. I was wondering if anyone else had tried it too.
Honestly, I don't see how it will help. I doubt it will hurt. (unless the problem isn't gallstones and it means a longer time until diagnosis of whatever the problem actually is). But, I don't see the stones being "softened" or otherwise made smaller and more passable by the cleanse. The apple juice isn't going to come into contact with the gallbladder, even if the juice would soften the stones if in contact with them.
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