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Re: Will part-time underwear be confusing?

Another little update: I got tired of taking a diaper off and on a hundred times a day, so 3 day ago we switched to underwear during the day (including naps and out of the house).

He's had about 5 or 6 wet accidents per day so far (some of which are on the way to the potty). The accidents are almost exclusively in the late afternoon/evening. I think he gets tired/distracted by then. He initiates virtually all trips to the potty. I've tried to take him a few times because *I* thought he needed to go, and almost always, he gets upset with me and won't do anything. I've decided to try to just let Mr. Independent tell me when he needs to go.

Although the number of accidents has been the same each day, the length of time he stays dry is getting longer. Yesterday he stayed dry, in the same pair of undies, from 6:30 to 3:30. That included church, and a nap. He seems to do better outside the house. I've been putting him in a diaper for night time, but he's been dry when he got up for the last 4 mornings straight.

I'll keep you posted.
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