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leaks...why now?

I have been BFing my little one for 4 months now. I also work full time and pump while I'm away from him. I usually pump 4xs per day and BF him another 4 (at least) during the weekdays.

We BF all weekend long and I usually pump once or twice to add to my stash. This weekend I noticed that my right breast was difficult to empty and it seemed like maybe a little clog. Then last night it was leaking. I've never been a leaker before. The only time I leaked was the very first time LO went 5 hours at night. Since then, I don't even have to wear pads in my bra.

Any ideas why it's so hard to empty? And would a clog cause leaking? I just pumped for 40 minutes and it still feels like there's milk. I hand expressed a little too. What's going on? And why only the right side?
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