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Re: should I forward face him?

I turned my daughter a few weeks ago, at almost 20 months (~25lbs), as it was getting really hard to get her in and out, I am 28 weeks pregnant, and she was fighting getting in, and pushing off of the back seat most days. I moved the seat to the middle as well. There was not much wiggle room in our Subaru Forester, with her Britax Marathon, and now she can climb in and out on her own (once I unbuckle her). It is also much easier to hand her things like a water bottle, and she can see out of the front window. I wanted to keep her rear facing longer, but decided to try the switch and see if it helped make things better for the both of us.... and it has. Just my opinion, of course. But, if your son is that big and the process has become cumbersome, I would give it a try now. Good luck!
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