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Re: Nintendo DSi or 3DS?

Originally Posted by mom2LBJ View Post
it has an on/off option, and you can block it with a PIN
Not trying to be snarky here. I just can't wrap my head around spending $50-150(depending on DSI and 3DS you buy) for a feature you won't use! That is silly IMO.

Originally Posted by ohgirlohboyohno View Post
so - you really can't play the 3ds games on a dsi? I thought you could play them just the 3d feature wouldn't work?

anywho - I was going to get our 5 yr old DS a nintendo DSi XL - our older DD has a 3ds and I figure if they want to switch around to play a specific game they can. I HATE the 3d feature, hurts my head. Our Wal-MArt still has the DSi XL for $129 and it has some games already loaded on it too (brainage ones which I LOVE)
Yes you can't do that, I think they were going to be like that but changed it. However I figure there are a ton of DS games out there cheap. I am so not worried about new expensive 3DS games.

I personally refuse to support a product that hurts a child's eyes even if I can turn the feature off.
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