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Re: Gallbladder Flush? Anyone try this?

OP I hope it works for you. That being said their is absolutely nothing scientific or probably effective about this method. I looked into it myself when I was having gallbladder issues and after reading quite a bit realized that it couldn't work... That being said knowing how painful gallbladder attacks are I can understand the desperation.

This article is pretty good

Originally Posted by eliz7 View Post
There is a med they can give you to shrink gallstones and it takes 6-7 months. So I can't imagine juice will do it in a day. Anyone with gallbladder issues is told to eat a low fat diet so ingesting that amount of olive oil can definitely make things worse. I would instead eat VERY low fat and that can help. My friend was able to put the surgery off for a year by adjusting his diet.
ITA, my brother was very young and having gallbladder issues. They didn't want to operate because he was so young. He spent a year eating I believe 15 grams of fat or less per day. He managed almost a year like that before they made the decision to just remove the sucker. Before he would go in for his tests they would have him eat a high fat meal (olive oil would do it too) and he would be doubled over in agony.
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