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gluten free help quick

I am making pumpkin pie for dd's class party tomorrow. One child in the class has a gluten sensitivity and lactose intolerance. My dd is dairy sensitive, peanut, coconut allergies. I have a diary free recipe I have been using for years but I want to check my ingredients and make sure I don't have any hidden gluten.

canned pumpkin- all gluten free recipes I have seen don't specify gluten free canned pumpkin so I am assuming it all is? I do have fresh pumpkin I can use, but would rather save a step if I can


Plain Original Soy milk- Great value brand- it is listed as gluten free on their website

McCormick spices- I have both single ingred and pumpkin pie spice- I read that single ingred are gluten free but may be processed on same equipment- Does anybody know (without me calling) if the pumpkin pie spice is ok? or if the single ingred- nutmeg, cloves, allpice, cinnamon- are processed on gluten free equipment?

Sugar- great value brand- anything I need to watch out for here?

I bought gluten free flour to make crust with- its suppose to be cup for cup sub- anything I should know about the flour?

Crisco canola oil- verified on website gluten free

Earth's Balance butter

I already have a gluten free mixing bowl, spoon and measuring cup from the gluten free brownies I made at Halloween. I wish I knew how cautious the family is- I don't know if they watch for same equipment stuff or not. The child is not very confident in what he can and can't eat. He willing ate anything that an adult told him was ok- he said he wasn't sure but they said it was ok so he ate it. I removed anything from his plate that I knew was not ok. He ate my brownies and a few other things that I checked. I have never seen his parents and no one has said anything about me giving him food last time. the teacher knew i was bringing in gluten free stuff for him- thats probably why I got assigned the pie, she knew I'd make sure it would be ok for everybody. I am the only one bringing a sweet.

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