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Here is my stash- we are only going to use flats with wool, and sposies when we are out and about so the rest has to go!!!! 70ppd

-1 dozen Yellow edge (small) GMD Organic Clotheez prefolds- bought new by me this year, very little to no staining

-1 red snappi

- 1 set of glitter boingos

- Cute pins (peace signs, hearts, polka dots, solids)

- 1 small Thirsties cover- aplix- pink (raspberry?)- VGUC, some light wear

- 1 Thirsties Duo Size 1- aplix- rose- vguc, some light wear

-1 Tiny Tush MINI OS- Giraffe in aplix- only used a couple of times, some pilling on gussets- (says os on the tag, but it is indeed the mini, I bought this new from the manufacturer and you can also tell by the number of rise snap colums - 2 columns vs 3 columns on the original), size is similar to the duo size 1)

- 2 NB Swaddlebee Simplex 2.0 (goes up to 16lbs)- have minimal staining, fast drying AIO, both are light pink

- 1 partial roll of disposable liners

- 1 pair of gently used NB babylegs in rainbow

-1 BG 4.0 in bubble w/snaps- insides aren't bright white, both inserts are included (nb, os), only worn a couple of times.

- 1 GUC Happy Heinys Cheetah pocket diaper- shows wear, insert included- get this as a freebie with the lot.

My long 8-9lb baby wore these with plenty of growing room, great starter set and there is a little bit of everything to try!

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