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Personally I wouldn't try it... It can cause the stones to plug your bile duct and that's a serious emergency situation. I went from moderate pain to emergent in a matter of weeks. When I went in for surgery it wasn't even "that bad" but needed to come out only to find my gallbladder was swollen and tight like a drum. Ended up needing more than just lap-surgery, a 1-1/2" incision, staples, weeks of recovery. It sucked. But I would take that over dying from sepsis any day!

I had been previously diagnosed with a PP uterine infection but I strongly believe now looking back it was my gallbladder, but I was so afraid of going to the ER and them examining me, it was so painful I could barely sit down to pee, no way I could do a vag exam. I took a round of abx my OBs office gave me without an exam and felt good but still had these weird shooting pains inside. Then the stomach pains started while on vacation after I ate, radiating from under my ribs, through to my back and up my shoulder and then would go away. I tried ACV shots during an attack, lived on mashed potatoes made with broth and Jello. Then I went to my 6wk PP checkup and she said it was my Gallbladder and I needed to be seen ASAP! I went to the ER after my regular dr and another clinic both denied me an appt and said go straight to the ER on a Fri afternoon. They treated my pain, referred me to a surgeon and said I would need surgery but they needed to schedule it because it wasn't an emergency. Well the next week I was even worse, ended up having emergency surgery Thurs night. They said I wouldn't have made it another 48hrs without having some serious complications. My bile duct was clogged with a stone causing my gallbladder to swell. It was bad!
And my grandma had gallbladder removed when I was in 5th grade and the stones had gotten gangrene. They were hard black and green rocks! I swear, there was nothing that looked like grapes or felt like gelatin. It can be very bad! I know it's hard when you don't have insurance, but the ER cannot refuse treatment based on your ability to pay. There are programs (through Catholic hospitals especially) that will discount emergency treatment based on income and such. Good luck... It's not fun but its better to know then to just guess and try something that could further complicate things.
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